Bed Bug Welts – All You Need to Know!

Bed bugs are a parasitic category of insects which prey on the blood of humans and warm-blooded animals and they are mostly found in the folds, seams and tufts of mattresses which accounts for their peculiar name. Bed bug welts is a real concern caused by the bite of this parasite that is mostly nocturnal in its activity and is capable of feeding on its prey while being unnoticed.

There is no common symptom of bed bug bites and the reaction towards the same varies from individual to individual. There are some people who do not feel anything after bed bug bites and there are the others who develop serious health problems. There have also been very rare cases of people going into shock due to the adverse bed bug welts and rashes.

Usually, people are attacked by these insects during their sleep wherein the salivary fluid of the insect is injected into the bloodstream of the victim. The anticoagulant in the saliva prevents blood from clotting and this is the reason why people do not feel the bite when it actually happens. This chemical is the reason for the development of inflammation, irritation and the itching reaction which is seen on the bitten parts.

While some people develop very mild bed bug welts, whereas there are the others who develop drastic rashes and bite marks and itch constantly in the bitten area. The bed bug bites usually start as swollen and hard kind of white welt at the spot of the insect bite and this causes severe itching for many hours or even days together. For the lucky few, they appear as mosquito bites or even as skin rashes which are to be identified as bed bug bites.

Since the bed bug bites varies from person to person, there are several cases when doctors diagnose these as a skin condition. There are some people who just develop mild pink welts which looks more like mosquito bites than bites from bed bugs. Usually, it is said that if you develop three or more rows of welts, then it is likely to have been caused by bed bugs. However, bed bug bites do not have the center red dot which is seen in flea bites.

Almost fifty percent of the bed bug bites cases reveal that the individual had no noticeable indications of bug biting which makes it difficult to treat the infection properly. Even though, most of the people develop only skin rashes and welts yet some people can suffer from stress, anxiety and insomnia from bed bug bites. Due to the irresistible fixation to bed bugs, there are also cases wherein people developed the condition of refractory delusional parasitosis which is not rare.

There are several medications which are prescribed so as to reduce the itching and thereby treat the welts. Corticool cream assists in relieving the itching and inflammation to a great degree and provides comfort to the individual. Antihistamines and corticosteroids are also utilized in reducing the itching and to treat the lesions and welts. Bed bug welts can be greatly controlled with adequate sanitation and hygiene of your house and by preventing the growth of these bloodsucking agents in your surroundings. In case of bed bug welts, seek professional guidance and medical help so as to be effectively treated.

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