Couch Bugs – Bed Bugs in your Couch Too?

The reason why you bought your expensive couch is you want a comfortable “day bed”. Everything’s going great until couch bugs came into the picture. Now, they’re stopping you from having your everyday “siesta”. The infestation is so bad that an hour of watching TV results to reddish welts all over your arms and legs. The expensive couch is not so comfortable now, is it?

You have to know that bed bugs thrive in the environment that a couch offers. There are a lot of dark crevices where they can hide and a lot of humans they can feed on. As morbid as it sounds, they do feed on humans by sucking our blood. An allergic reaction soon follows due to the chemical that they release into the bite. This is why a lot of people hate couch bugs or all bed bugs for that matter.

It’s also important to note that they can live for a long time without feeding. So if some wise guy suggests that you leave the couch alone for a week or two, they’re not going to die. You’re just going to make them hungrier and the feeding frenzy that will follow when someone sits on the couch will be ugly.

So what caused the bed bug infestation on your couch? There’s a good chance that you or someone else that has access to your house brought them in. This usually happens when you slept on a hotel bed or couch that is infested with them. So once you get home and you flop down to your couch, you now have couch bugs.

The travel could also be shorter. A lot of people have bed bugs on their beds. Thinking that they can run away from the bugs, they transfer over to the couch. So not only are you not stopping the infestation, you are actually spreading them all over your house. Things can go from bad to worse when someone sits on the couch and moves over to another bed.

This is the reason why a lot of people are looking for the best bed bug cure. There is no such thing as the best cure. There is only one effective cure and that is to declare an all-out war against the bed and couch bugs. That’s the only way you can cure your bed and couch from infestation. You have to make sure that each and every bed bug is gone.

The first thing that you can do is to take the couch outside and remove all the removable parts. You can then wash all washable materials in very hot water in order to kill the bugs and hang it to dry under direct and punishing sunlight. Heat is the number 1 enemy of the bed bugs and you should use it as much as you can to your advantage.

It’s important to treat the couch outside the house so that the couch bugs won’t just transfer to another piece of furniture while scampering for their safety. While outside, you can vacuum all over your couch in order to suck the bugs in. You should also use a steam cleaner with very hot water for a more effective approach.

If you suspect that some other furniture is infected, you should also do the same thing to it. But if you do things quickly and efficiently, you can kill them before they have the chance to spread. This is why quickness works to your advantage. They’ll never know what hit them.

A couch is a place where you can just sit back and relax. Couch bugs shouldn’t stand in your way. If you let them, they’ll multiply and take residence in your other sanctuaries. If you make sure that you’re not bringing them in and you take care of them at once if you accidentally do, they wouldn’t get the chance to annoy you.

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